Hunger Report

Every March, the Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB) network of members and agencies participates in Food Banks Canada’s National Hunger Count Survey.  The Ontario Association of Food Banks uses this data, which is provided by the food bank network, to analyze yearly trends related to food insecurity and the food bank use. The annual Hunger Report is released each December, and provides an in-depth analysis of food bank use statistics, client demographics, and the interconnected challenges of poverty and hunger within the province.



  • Hunger by the Numbers: 501,590 people used a food bank in Ontario last year
  • Senior Citizens: The number of seniors using a food bank grew by 10%, nearly 3 times faster than the general population
  • Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot: Includes a feature from Humans of Basic Income and letters from Golden Town Outreach (Meaford) and the mayors of the Basic Income test sites


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