SNAP, the Smarter Needs Allocation Program, was built exclusively for the Ontario Association of Food Banks by IBM. This unique and invaluable tool allows the OAFB to move food quickly and equitably to member food banks across the entire province.

All OAFB members have access to this cloud based system that shows what product is available for pick up or delivery across Ontario. Any time a new donation is posted on SNAP, member food banks receive an email notifying them of this new opportunity.


SNAP allows the OAFB to move time sensitive product like fresh fruits and vegetables as quickly as possible – notifying food banks in real-time that shipments are ready.


As important as moving food is – it is also incredibly important to track it. SNAP uses its own internal algorithms to ensure food is distributed as equitably as possible to all OAFB member food banks. It is completely transparent – all members are able to see what product is offered, and exactly where it is allocated.


SNAP has its own reporting system, allowing the OAFB to monitor delivery times, product quality, donor reliability, and ensure food is tracked as accurately as possible.