Rural Kids Program

Supported by The Grocery Foundation, CN and the RBC Foundation, the Rural Kids Program provides rural food banks in Ontario with funding to support the children they serve.

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About the Program

Many food banks use this funding to grow existing programs, such as a local breakfast club or meal program, or to create new programs for children in the community, like a drop-in centre or after-school program. All programs provide fresh, healthy food choices in a warm and welcoming environment – just for kids!

To date, the OAFB Rural Kids Grant program has provided over $350,000 to food banks in rural communities across the province, benefiting as many as 18,000 kids every month throughout the school year.

Supporting the Program

To find out more about how you can support the Rural Kids Grant program, please contact

Amanda King, Director of Member and Communications or 416-656-4100 x2932

2015 Recipients

Manitoulin Family Resources, Manitoulin island

  • Created 3 snack programs in partnership with 3 local elementary schools
  • These programs provided fresh, healthy snacks including milk, yogurt, and fresh fruit to children
  • They have been able to provide almost 13,000 servings of fresh healthy foods to children in need

House of Lazarus, Mountain

  • Created 2 programs – a snack program for children and meal program for youth 
  • The Healthy Snack program provided 82 children healthy snacks every single month which included cheese, yogurt, fruit, and meat 
  • The Food and Friends healthy meal program offered weekly meals to 85 youth and taught valuable food prep and cooking skills, and increased both attendance and engagement
  • The youth are even looking to create a healthy recipe cookbook of their own!

West Lincoln Community Care, Smithville

  • Worked in partnership with 3 local elementary schools on snack programs for elementary school children 
  • These programs were offered 3 – 5 days per week depending on the location and provided fresh healthy food to children on a continual basis throughout the entire school year
  • These programs provided fresh, healthy snacks including milk, yogurt, and fresh fruit to children
  • No student is ever turned away, everything is confidential, and the program is open to the entire student body

The Sharing Place, Orillia

  • This food bank currently serves 5% of the city’s population on a monthly basis or 1400 clients per month. There is a high need in this city and the food bank has worked with 4 elementary schools that were deemed highest need
  • These programs combined has allowed 300-400 children to benefit from these programs daily!