Feeding Fresh! Sysco Community Garden Program

The Feeding Fresh! Sysco Community Gardens Program provides food banks across the province with funding for the creation, growth and development of their community gardens.

Proudly supported since 2017 by:

About the Program

Food banks can use the funding from the Feeding Fresh! Sysco Community Garden Program to expand or improve an existing community garden program, create brand new programs for their community, or increase capacity via the purchase of land, seeds, soil or tools.

What Is A Community Garden?

A community garden is a plot of land where people get together to grow food, herbs and plants for collective use. 

What Are the Benefits?

Community Gardens provide a great source of fresh, healthy produce for food bank clients.  They also have many other benefits, including health, education, environmental, cultural and community-building.

How Common Are They?

21% of Ontario’s food banks have a community garden or garden plots.  We hope this program will help to grow this number!

Supporting the Program

If you have any questions about the Feeding Fresh! Sysco Community Garden Program, please contact

Rachel Dixon, Manager, Corporate & Foundation Partnerships  
rachel@oafb.ca or 416-656-4100 x4937