Ontario Pork Program

Founded in 1998 by the late Paul Mistele, a pork producer from Elgin County, the Donate-a-Hog program was an initiative of the Ontario Association of Food Banks and Ontario Pork.

This program raised funds to help Ontario’s Food Banks purchase pork, a much-needed protein item, for distribution to Ontarians living with chronic hunger. The program raised over $90,000 to help feed Ontarians in need and ran between March and September each year.  This program helped lead the way for the Ontario Pork Program by having the same goal –  getting fresh, healthy, local protein to those in need.

Visit Ontario Pork’s Social Responsibility page to learn more!


How It Works

Through the generous support of pork industry partners, the OAFB raises funds in support of the program to provide fresh, healthy pork. These funds are then matched by Ontario Pork through a $0.01/hog levy in the pork industry.

The Ontario Association of Food Banks works with industry partners to produce and distribute fresh pork to food banks all across Ontario. Since its inception in 2013, the Ontario Pork Program has provided over 300,000 servings of healthy pork to Ontarians in need!

Supporting the Pork Program

The Ontario Association of Food Banks is always looking for dedicated supporters to match the generous support provided by Ontario Pork.  To make a contribution, please fill out the form below. 100% of your donation will be directed to the purchasing of fresh, healthy, local pork for Ontarians in need! 

If you have any questions about the Ontario Pork Program, please contact our Executive Director, Carolyn Stewart at carolyn@oafb.ca or 416.656.4100