In 2016-2017 alone, the Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB) distributed the equivalent of 5 million meals to our network, which in turn reached 335,000 people in need each month.

What difference does nutritious food make?

Disease Prevention

Being food insecure is linked to a higher risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.   Poverty can create a vicious cycle of food insecurity and poor health.


In adults, a better diet means they’ll be more engaged, more focused, and have higher energy throughout the work day.

In children, healthier food is linked to higher grades, better memory, and faster information processing.


Programs such as breakfast clubs, community kitchens, cooking classes, offered at many food banks across the province, ensure individuals are well fed and are places people can gather, build community and create connections.

Support the FeedON network today!

For every $1 you donate, we can distribute 3 meals for someone in need.

To help provide more meals to Ontario’s food banks, contact:
Carolyn Stewart, Executive Director 
carolyn@oafb.ca or call 416-656-4100×2935.