Ontario Egg Program

Proper nutrition is essential to the health of all Ontarians. Ontario eggs are affordable, healthy, and easy to prepare – making them a staple item in all refrigerators. This program ensures all Ontarians are gaining access to healthy, locally produced eggs in partnership with the Egg Farmers of Ontario.

Egg Farmers

How It Works

A collaborative partnership between OAFB and Egg Farmers of Ontario, the Ontario Egg Program addresses the need for protein in Ontario’s food banks. Egg Farmers of Ontario provides $250,000 in support of this program, annually. This funding is 100% invested into successfully delivering 144,000 dozen eggs every single year!

This program makes it easy for individual farmers and supporters to contribute into the program. For every $50 farmer donation, they can place an extra hen in their barn – providing an additional 25 dozen eggs to the program annually. Industry stakeholders and interested supporters can also donate into the program with an additional 25 dozen eggs added for every $50 donation!

Supporting the Egg Program

Help us provide eggs to Ontarians in need by completing the form below. For every $50 donated, we can provide the equivalent 25 dozen eggs annually to food banks across Ontario! If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Carolyn Stewart, Executive Director: carolyn@oafb.ca or 416-656-4100

Donors are eligible for a tax deduction for their contributions. Birds placed and eggs produced under the program are subject to all applicable levy and license fees.