Ontario Beef Program

Where’s the beef? Right here in Ontario! Nutrient-dense and packed with protein, Ontario beef is contributing to a healthy, balanced diet. The Beef Farmers of Ontario have ensured this is something that is available to all Ontarians by partnering with the OAFB through the Ontario Beef Program.


About the Program

The focus of this program is to get fresh, healthy, local protein to those in need. This program runs annually thanks to the generous support of Beef Farmers of Ontario who donate $40,000 in funding to support the purchasing of fresh beef for food banks in Ontario. The OAFB works with industry partners to ensure we are providing greatest support possible for our network of food banks and their clients.

Since its launch in 2014, the Ontario Beef Program has been able to provide 80,000 servings of fresh, healthy beef to Ontarians in need!

Supporting the Beef Program

The Ontario Association of Food Banks is looking for industry partners to match the generous support provided by Beef Farmers of Ontario through financial donations where 100% of your donation would be directed to the purchase of fresh, healthy, protein for those in need across Ontario.

If you have any questions about the Ontario Beef Program, please contact our Executive Director, Carolyn Stewart at carolyn@oafb.ca or 416.656.4100

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